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Testing and Analysis

Far-UK endeavours to provide the most cost effective, lightweight and structurally sound solutions to customer's projects. Find out about our capabilities below.


Through our partners and our in-house capabilities, Far can support:

  • Capability reports
  • Dimensional reports
  • Material characterisation through coupon testing
  • Static proof loading of components and assemblies
  • Fatigue testing of assemblies
  • Crash testing, type approval and homologation of vehicles
  • Environmental ageing
  • Surface coating adhesion wear resistance



Far-UK primarily use LS-DYNA? software for accurate Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation.

  • Simulation of composite materials at micro, meso and macro-scale
  • Optimisation of design iterations and validation of expected performance
  • Dynamic FEA including crash simulation
  • Company has achieved Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) accreditation for sign off of roll over analysis for coaches and is now an approved facility for FEA testing through ECE Regulation: 66.02, Annexes 8 and 9 Strength of Superstructure of Large Passenger Vehicles.

Additional to FEA software, Far can perform calculations using a range of tools to validate the feasibility of new concepts within short-time scales.