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A look back at 2018

So long 2018, you’ve been good to us and hello 2019 with hopes for even more progress and exciting developments.


RECOTRANS: 6 Month Meeting

The second consortium meeting of the RECOTRANS Project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, was held on the 9th March, in coincidence with its 6 months of live.


Mauro and Greg attend the 15th anniversary of the Low Vehicle Partnership

Greg Hope and Mauro Ravaioli attending the The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership 15th anniversary event today in the house of commons.

About Far-UK Ltd

Far-UK was established in 2012 to help its clients to improve their selection and use of composite materials, together with their operational processes, in order to improve the quality, cost and delivery performance of their products.

The business will design and manufacture composite components, specialising in carbon fibre. The business will also design and deliver processes, up to and including full factories for clients, if they wish to manufacture these products themselves.

Far-UK largely operates from its factory in Nottingham, although with modern technology it is able to support customers all over the world. It is an innovative company offering a revolutionary approach to the design and manufacture of lightweight structural composite components to reduce both weight and thus vehicle emissions. 

Far brings together over 100 years combined industry expertise in engineering, manufacturing and materials to create a design team with manufacturing capabilities and training packages for those organisations with a desire to enter the composites industry. The team has a strong automotive pedigree, and while this industry has a great deal of interest in weight reduction, these skills and knowledge can offer other industries a real advantage, especially where engineering for cost effective weight reduction is important.

The company is committed to the following principles:

  1. Far aspires to be a truly great employer where people come and develop themselves 
  2. Far aspires to be at the leading edge of what it does 
  3. Far is committed to act ethically 

Far was formed with the belief that great teams deliver great results. Far has therefore worked to recruit and develop an outstanding team which can not only deliver for its customers today but will also be the basis of a growing team for years to come. Far is proud of its teams and sure its customers will take equal pride in the solutions that are delivered for them.

The company retains a balance of skills and activities ranging from direct product development for customers through to work on innovative processes and materials that it believes will come into production over the coming years. Far is committed to working on the up and coming technologies that it believes has a place in tomorrow’s manufacturing world.

Far is keen to have a positive impact on its local community. It seeks to deliver this through the way it recruits and develops its people and through the ways in which its whole team contributes to the development of others, both inside and outside the company.